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Tropical Storm Ernesto hits the New Jersey Coast - See the damage

Note:  All Boaters IN New Jersey Must Take An  Approved Safety Course And Obtain A NJ State Marine Police Certificate

FAQ About The New Law

Who can operate a power vessel?

Before operating a power vessel, including a personal watercraft, on the waters of the State of New Jersey, the mandatory boating safety course required by section 2 of P.L. 1987,c.453 (c: 12:7-61) shall be successfully completed as follows:

Individuals under the age 13 may not operate a power driven vessel in the State of New Jersey. 

Individuals who are at least 13 years of age, but less than 16 may operate a vessel powered by an electric motor or a power vessel that is at least 12 feet or greater in length and is powered by a motor or combination of motors of less than 10 horse power, after successfully completing an approved safety course. 

All persons who wish to operate a power vessel must now possess a New Jersey State Boating Safety Certificate

View NJ Boating Safety Education & Minimum age mandatory requirements (PDF).


Coast Guard Boating Statistics

Raritan Bay Creates Marine Units for Newark and Jersey City: Raritan Bay Power Squadron trained the Newark and Jersey City Police, Fire and EMS first responders in the operation of their two new 50 foot $1.2 million combination patrol and fire boats.



Our Boating Course

The United States Power Squadrons Boating Safety course exceeds the requirements of all states

Raritan Bay Power Squadron offers four National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and New Jersey approved courses each year to the general public. They run one night per week (two hours) for 7 weeks, and a night for the final exam and awarding of course certificates.  These courses, upon successful completion, meet New Jersey State certification requirements for boats and (PWC) personal watercraft operation, and also meets the requirements of all other states. Upon successful completion of the course, the course instructor will secure New Jersey certificates for graduates.  The law requires a minimum of 8 hours of classroom study and a proctored exam.

Our member instructors are all unpaid volunteers, thus, there is no cost for the instruction, but course material: color textbook & navigation tools - course plotter, dividers and course and chart plotter CD are included at a cost of $60.  If other persons living in the same household enroll and can share the navigation tools, the text book cost for each additional person is $40.  The navigation tools will be used for navigation on your boat, thus, are not only for the course. All material is available on the first night of the course.  Checks in payment for material are preferred, and should be made payable to Raritan Bay Power Squadron.


Register For A Course Here

East Brunswick High School

 Register Online Here


Next Course: Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Lt/C Robert Rafano, AP


E-Mail rrafano@rafanoandwood.com




Learn to skipper a boat with confidence!

You and your family and friends are cordially invited to attend the USPS Boating Course which provides essential information for every boater.

  • Power Boater

  • Sail Boater

  • Personal Watercraft

  • Anglers 

  • Hunters

Meets and Exceeds the Educational Requirements for NJ Marine Police Certlificate.

The USPS course certificate is also recognized and accepted by all other states, and for insurance discounts with many companies.

Take the first step.  Sign up for the USPS Boating Course.

Classes are held at East Brunswick, and are designed to teach a wide range of safe boating subjects.  The course schedule and topics are listed below.  

The East Brunswick school also requires pre-registration which may be done by e-mail:  rrafano@rafanoandwood.com to have a registration form e-mailed to you.  Persons registering online through the E. Brunswick link above will automatically receive an e-mail attachment with the school registration form three weeks prior to the course start.

For other New Jersey courses go to www.usps.org and click on Boating Course Schedule from the fly-out menu.  Then type in your zip code.   



Course Schedule


The course runs approximately two hours each night from 7 to 9 or 9:15 pm one night each week for seven weeks.  Because of the breath of material being taught, some sessions may run to 9:30 pm.  For the first hour a small group of students work with an individual instructor.  The second hour is a lecture. 


  • Week 1    Welcome and registration

                            Lecture: Boat Terms & Types, Boat Handling, Required Equipment

                            Home study: Read sections 1,2,3 and do homework questions


  • Week 2    Review previous week homework with table instructor

                Lecture: Navigation Rules, Navigation Aids, Light & Sound Signals, Government Regulations

                Home study: Read sections 4,5,6,7,8  and do homework questions


  • Week 3    Review previous week homework with table instructor

                Lecture: Charts & Electronic Navigation, Anchoring, Adverse Conditions and Emergencies, VHF Radio

                Home study: Read sections 9,10,11,12 and do homework questions


  • Week 4    Review previous week homework with table instructor

                Lecture: Piloting, Water Sports and Safety, Trailering, Personal Watercraft Operation

                Home study: Read sections 13,14,15, practice Clove

                 Hitch & Two Half Hitches and do homework questions


  • Week 5    Review previous week homework with table instructor

                Lecture: Piloting - Introduction to Navigation, Charts, Distance, Speed and Time

                Home study: Read sections 17, 18 & practice             

                Cleat Hitch .  There are no homework questions in manual.  Do problems provided on separate sheet


  • Week 6    Review previous week homework with table instructor

                Classroom navigation problem solving.  Receive course CD for home use                               


  • Week 7   Course Review and instructions for exam next week final exam


  • Week 8    Closed book final exam and awarding of course completion certificates


Note:   The USPS Certificate of Completion is recognized by most Insurance companies for discounts.


You may become eligible for membership in USPS after passing the Public Boating Safety course and take the large number of other USPS courses listed through the MEMBER EDUCATION button.  We teach courses on Seamanship, Weather, Sail and many others, through celestial navigation using a sextant. 

Click here for More Boating Courses available to USPS members.


Boating Course Chairman

Lt/C Robert Rafano, AP
phone (732) 656-1830
E-Mail rrafano@rafanoandwood.com

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Take the National Safe Boating Test



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Instructors registering students

Some of our instructors

Lecture in progress

Lecture about to start

Lecture on Homeland Security and Safety Equipment.

Instructors and Students

Instructors and Students

Instructors with small group of students

Instructor with her students

Instructor with her group of students

Instructor reviewing homework with students

Instructor reviewing homework with students

Instructor working with students

Instructors and Students

Instructors and Students